Should Dedicated Software replace your Spreadsheets?

Dedicated software, agreed, are expensive. They may even cause disruptions in your processes. They will require specialized training for your employees. Some non tech savvy ones might also dislike just the ‘idea’ of such a change. However, let’s look at some advantages that these software solutions bring along:

Cleaner Interface: A clean interface which is intuitive and easy to decipher at the first glance is what we all look for. It not only has visual appeal but also helps avoid mistakes. It does not require technical expertise to read data represented in form of tables and graphs which makes even the analysis of results an effortless task.
You may argue that graphs and analysis is all possible in MS Excel as well. Though, you’ll agree that finding the analysis’ rows and spotting the exact cells with results in an ocean of cells, is not so effortless.

Updating and Tracking: You may update dates and status on Excel Sheets every day and track them. However, having to share the updated sheets with people in multiple departments within the organization or with senior management is a tough task. Every employee involved in that sheet needs to maintain an updated copy, and God forbid if it has to be updated by multiple people, everyone is going to be lost in the versions of spreadsheets.
Dedicated software solutions, on the other hand, are centralized and multiple people updating is a piece of cake. They even maintain versions of the documents and a log of people making changes to them.

Resources Saved: Resources is not just hard cash spent but also the time spent on useless procedures which could have been used for more productive purposes. Assume that your request for a procurement order is pending with your manager. A mail for approval request needs to be sent and when he checks his mailbox is when he replies. Then you might have to attach that approval and forward to the supplier for dispatch. However, with a centralized system, your request can be approved in a matter of seconds as it is in the form of a notification in an app on your manager’s cell phone. The supplier gets to know the moment the request is approved and can ship the product. For savings in hard cash, go through this article once.

Artificial Intelligence: Advanced solutions today are powered by artificially intelligent algorithms. These can not only help automate your processes and remove manual interventions, but also give suggestions for process improvements and identify saving opportunities. It is rather impossible to have such capabilities with spreadsheets even with the use of Macros, after all it uses only Visual Basics and not advanced coding languages.

However, I would still recommend you to use this survey and check for yourself if you need a dedicated software solution or not.


Article submitted by:
Tushar Gupta
Marketing Division
Zycus Infotech


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